• Modified Container Villa

    The modified container villa is a multi function building, which combined with several modified container units. The modified container villa can be 2 or 3 floors, with a beautiful roof and external facade, even a open deck. The modified container villa will be separated into serveral containers modular with finished decoration and furniture in the factory. It need to be connected together on site. after a little work, people can live in the modified container villa. Star House can also supply the roof and stair for the modified container villa, and also offer a best design for you.

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  • Prefabricated Smart Home Villa

    Prefabicated smart home villa is a new generation of building which made up with steel frames. With proper design and layout, the prefabicated smart home villa will look no different from traditional buildings. Prefabicated smart home villa can be a 3 storeys building with large size glass window, morden external cladding, open deck and canopy. Whatever simple or luxury decoration you prefer indoor, Star House can always realized it for you in the prefabicated smart home villa.

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